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Wicca Guide for Beginners
Wicca Guide for Beginners

Welcome to Real Wiccan Spells, your online resource for magick spells and information to guide you in your magickal journey! Here you will find Wiccan love spells, Wiccan protection spells, Wiccan spells for beginners  as well as practical “how-to” guides for the beginner, intermediate as well as the advanced practitioner.

If you are just getting started with Wicca, you will want to check out “Wicca for Beginners”. If you are a bit more advanced, I invite you to check out the rest of my books and audiobooks as well as the menu located at the top of the site.

For those of you wanting to go deeper into the essence of magick and the Wiccan religion, I invite you to take a look at “The Wiccan Book”, a book written by me after many years of practice in order to guide those who also want to explore the magickal world of Wicca and wish to take their knowledge and practice to the next level. In addition, check out my regular blog posts where you will find a lot of practical, interesting and valuable information on many Wiccan and occult-related subjects.

Learning and using these simple concepts will help you to take your Wiccan practice to the next level by applying the power of numerology, the power of magick, and the power of deliberate creation and your life will transform in ways you never thought possible!

I welcome you and hope you enjoy your stay! I invite you to also join me on Facebook and Google+ so you can interact and share your magickal journey with our fast-growing community of Wicca lovers!

Blessed Be!

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