Candle Spell for Lust

Candle Spell for Lust
Candle Spell for Lust

Try this simple candle spell for lust:

1) Cast a circle while invoking Venus with this chant:

“Venus, Mighty one of Lust!

I call upon you with your trust

To bring this person to me now

Your fragile trust is your vow!”

2) Light your pink candle and chant while imagining you and the person of your desire doing as you please.


“(Person’s desired name) please come to me

Fulfill my desire successfully

I beg of you to come to me

As I will, so mote it be.”

3) On a picture of the person you want, write yours’ and their name on the back

4) Kiss the picture.

5) Place the photo over you hear and extinguish the flame.

6) Put the picture on your pillow.

And remember, Wicca candle spells should not be used to harm others. Black magic is magic done for negative purposes. If you choose to perform black magic, you should be fully aware that all actions have consequences and you need to be fully prepared for the chaos black magic can wreak on your life. You must be completely positive you can handle the outcome of your spells’ effect on your life!

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Blessed Be!