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Cleansing Spell that Works

Cleansing Spell that Works

Smudge Sticks MIni White Sage for Cleansing Spell
Smudge Sticks MIni White Sage for Cleansing Spell

If you feel that you have come in contact with a negative, destructive or even completely toxic energy, use a cleansing spell to banish the harmful effects of it. You can cleanse your home at any time, and it’s a great idea to perform a cleansing ritual when you move somewhere new. Obviously, it isn’t always possible to perform extensive rituals in certain places, such as where you work, but you can also cleanse the atmosphere of another location from a distance. This is a wonderful way to deflect the negative attributes that you might encounter when away from the comfort and safety of your own home.

You will need:

• Smudge stick (bundle of dried sage), or your favorite incense. You’ll want to select an incense with a scent that is calming and feels clean and clear to you—not a scent that is exciting, stimulating or overpowering. Some good choices are sandalwood, patchouli, orange blossom, rose or yuzu.
• Small, thin candle (preferably white, purple, or black)
• Lighter, or matches
• Censer, for burning the incense
• A candle holder that will allow the candle to burn safely for an extended period of time
• Besom (if you don’t have one, you can use a regular broom, or just your hands)

Begin by cleaning the area. Vacuum, dust, take out the trash, and anything else you can do to clean up the space. While you are cleaning, you’re ‘throwing away’ or removing any negative energy that has attached to the dirt and dust in the room. After you’re finished physically cleaning, begin the spell.

Stand in the center of the room. As you light the incense or your smudge stick, say to yourself, “I light this incense to purify this room.”

Wear the Knife Talisman, an Ancient Egyptian Talisman for Protection
Wear the Knife Talisman, an Ancient Egyptian Talisman for Protection

Walk around the perimeter of the room in a counterclockwise direction, carrying the incense. Counterclockwise movement is associated with “undoing” something (whereas a clockwise motion is a means of moving something forward). If you like, wave the incense in each corner of the room, and around doorways (this is called ‘smudging’). After smudging the perimeter, return to the center of the room.

Let the censer sit in the center of the room, and allow the smoke to fill the area. You don’t need to use lots of incense; just a steady stream of smoke can create a protective cloud just fine. Allow the incense to purify the room until you feel that it has been cleansed. This might take a while, and you may burn additional incense if you wish.

You can say to yourself, or aloud, “This smoke absorbs any previous negative energy in this room, which will disappear as the smoke fades away.”

Stand in the doorway of the room, and use your besom to make a sweeping motion three times to the left to banish any lingering negativity attempting to enter the room. If you don’t have a besom or a broom, stand in the doorway, and use both your hands to make a sweeping motion, pushing harmful energy away.

Now light the candle. “I light this candle to bless my room, and when it has burned to its end, the negativity will be extinguished with it.” Allow the candle to burn down completely. The negative energy will dissipate with the last trace of smoke trailing from the candle.

If you need to cleanse a space from a distance, use the same method, but include that location when you are walking the perimeter of the room.

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Blessed Be!

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