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Free Spells that Work Audiobook

Free Spells that Work! Audiobook
Free Spells that Work! Audiobook

Have you wondered if there are any free spells that work and you can easily cast yourself??

For hundreds of years, pagans and witches have used spell casting as a means of changing their lives and expressing their spirituality. Learning to cast spells is an artful meditation, a valuable way to get in touch with your true desires, gain personal insight and magnetize the wealth of positivity that flows through the Earth and the spiritual plane.
Your altar and spell casting tools provide a physical medium for the energy and intention manifested from the deepest part of your soul. Intention affects all of your actions, on both conscious and subconscious levels. You are a link in the chain of energy that flows within everything that exists. Everyone has the ability to channel this energy and use it in pursuit of their goals and desires. While this energy is extremely powerful, you need not be an experienced mage to conjure positivity through spiritual practice. You can cast effective spells using even the simplest tools, because the power comes from within yourself.

Spell casting isn’t the same as making a wish; it is planting the seeds of intention so that your desires may grow and flourish. Pagan tradition has long recognized that intuition, psychic energy, and motivation are elements of the mind that can be combined harmoniously and channeled together to achieve various goals. In mainstream circles, many people look toward the power of ‘affirmations’ to improve their life. While the language is different, it is quite similar to the methods Wiccans and other pagans have been using since the ancient times. By using spells, you’re creating a dialogue with the flow of energy from all realms of the Universe. You can think of the results as a response to your communication, and these results may surprise you. Cast your spells with an open heart and an honest mind, and be as honest with yourself as possible. The spells listed in this book can be altered to suit your specific needs and desires, and it is always best to go with your intuition—go with what ‘feels’ most true to you. Spells do not work if you yourself do not believe what you’re saying or doing, so make it meaningful.
It is my pleasure to share my knowledge I’ve obtained through years of studying and practicing the craft. My spiritual journey is always evolving, and I cherish the ability to help others along with their journeys as well. The more you practice, the more in tune you will be with your own unique connection with the cosmic flow of energy that is the very pulse of Life. Use your creativity, keep an open mind, and the path toward whatever you are seeking will unfold before you, with new illuminations along the way.

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Love and light to all!
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Fertility Spells that Work

Fertility Spells that Work

Fertility Spells That Work
Fertility Spells That Work

Are there fertility spells that work? Of course there are! This beautiful spell is a way of welcoming your future child into the world. The soft fuzz of the apricot is reminiscent of a child’s hair, and the pit and sunflower seeds are fertility symbols. The egg represents your child, with sheer fabric creating a protective womb, bound to you by the ribbon.


• 5 Sunflower seeds (without shells)

• Apricot

• One egg

• Marker

• A square of sheer fabric (preferably white, or pink)

• Pink ribbon

• White candle

This spell can be cast at any time, although for best results, perform outdoors under a full moon.

After casting your circle, place all of the above items in front of the white candle. In a clockwise direction, push each sunflower seed into the skin of the apricot, so that they form a circle around its middle. The apricot is a self-fertilizing fruit, making it a powerful fertility symbol, especially when combined with seeds. On the surface of the egg, draw a symbol (it can even be a simple circle) representing you and your child. Place the egg on top of the fabric.

Isis Faerie Pendant for Fertility
Isis Faerie Pendant for Fertility

As you light the candle, say the following incantation: “As from the Earth grows the tree, let my babe come unto me. As my love and I do lie, let my child’s spirit come from the sky. As the wind blows gentle and free, let my babe come unto me. Waters fall and river run, so be it my will be done.” You are calling on all directional forces of nature to bring life to your womb. Wrap the egg in the square of fabric, and tie with a ribbon (symbolizing the womb and umbilical cord). Light the pink candle, and say “My love so sweet, as honey from the bee, let my babe come unto me.” Eat the apricot, and sit quietly, meditating with the egg held against your lower belly for a few minutes. Imagine your child growing inside your womb, and speak to the Goddess openly about your wish to become a mother. After a few moments, take the egg outside, and bury it close to your home. Thank the Goddess for her presence during the ritual, and say to your future child that you are ready to welcome them into your home.

Now, if after performing this spell you still feel you need a little extra push to take your fertility efforts even further, then I invite you to watch this amazing video that has worked wonders for many of my Wiccan sisters, the “Pregnancy Miracle”:


Remember, to make your spell casting even easier, check out the Simple Spell Casting E-Kit, so you can use this knowledge to change your life with Magick and cast spells that magically work every time you try them!

Blessed Be!

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