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Enlightenment on Crystals, Gems & Metal Magic
Enlightenment on Crystals, Gems & Metal Magic

Since back in prehistoric times, men and women have found the mystery, beauty, and power of stones irresistible. Just as an herbalist understands the powers of herbs, the practitioner of magic understands the powers of gems, crystals, and metals. They used this knowledge to change themselves and their very lives.

Some may find it hard to believe that there is positive power within gems, crystals, stones, or metals. Yet, they totally accept the energy we get from food and the healing power of plants and herbs. It doesn’t take such a leap of faith to believe that energy is inherent in all the earth and its fullness. Understanding those energies from the earth, which we are from as well, and then directing them for our better good – that is Magic.

In this page you will find useful and practical information about crystals and stones, their powers and how to use them for healing and many other practical uses that will help you to enhance your life when it comes to health, prosperity, protection and much more!

The stones will be listed alphabetically. Please visit this page often as new stones will be added daily! I also invite you to download my eBook Enlightenment on Crystals, Gems, and Metal Magick to learn more!




Blue Kyanite







Blessed Be!

Signature Fonts

Dayanara Blue Star


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