Money Spell to Overcome Financial Problems

Money Spell to Overcome Financial Problems 

Victory Pendant Gold Inspire you on the path to victory and success
Victory Pendant Gold Inspire you on the path to victory and success

This spell will help you overcome financial problems and foster prosperity throughout all areas of your life. Chamomile has long been used to protect the hands of gamblers, but can be used for ordinary financial situations as well.


  • 3 candles (2 green, 1 yellow)
  • Pine or musk incense
  • Chamomile tea bags
  • Tea pot filled with warm water
  • Small bowl
  • Coin

After casting a protective circle, place the yellow candle in front of you, and the green candles on each side. The yellow candle will propel positive energy forward, and the green candles will stimulate wealth coming from any direction. Light each candle in a clockwise direction. As you are lighting the candles, try to imagine yourself with complete financial freedom. Do not worry about the problems you are having now, maintaining a positive focus. While lighting, imagine a golden light forming a triangle within your circle. Stand as straight upright as you possibly can, breathing deeply. Place the teabags and coin in the bowl, and pour water on top of them. As you place your hands in the water, say “Allow me to be bound not by money nor debt, let prosperity flow to me with ease. Allow my hands to be washed clean of debt and worry, so that they may grasp opportunity and abundance. This is my will, so let it be done.” Massage your hands for a few moments in the water, and then dry them, having washed away the stress of financial burdens. Place the bowl of tea with the coin in it at your feet.

Victory Ring Gold Inspire you on the path to victory and success
Victory Ring Gold Inspire you on the path to victory and success

Extend your hands slightly out to your sides, with your palms facing forward, to welcome the spirit of prosperity. Imagine the warm golden light radiating from your palms, creating an endless stream that extends far off to the distance in front of you. Visualize yourself with complete financial freedom, and hold this wonderful image in your mind for as long as you can. After the meditation, allow the candles to burn down with the bowl remaining in the triangle. The coin is now a prosperity amulet, and you will want to keep it with you at all times. If you find yourself feeling stressed about money, hold the coin in your hands and bring your focus back to the peaceful visualizations from this ritual. The more positive energy you channel toward success, the more it will magnetize toward you.

Lastly, I recommend you watch this this powerful video to learn more about the ENERGY that lies behind the power of the mind for making money and manifesting prosperity in your life!


Blessed Be!

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