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Wiccan Money Spell

Wiccan Money Spell 

Wiccan Money Spell
Wiccan Money Spell

Be on the lookout for the next full moon as this is the perfect time to attract new things to yourself, instead of a smaller moon, which usually symbolizes banishing.

Collect and gather as many of the following items to set your Wiccan money spell in motion:

1. Green candle – Green depicts money and other things, orange will also do.

2. Incense and herbs, and there’s a lot to choose from — select ones with good fragrance. Patchouli, thyme, and others are good choices. Go for inexpensive herbs for your Wiccan money spell.

3. Get something natural that symbolizes fertility and growth like seeds, leaves, and corn.

4. A spell token — this is something you’ll carry out until the spell comes to pass, such as a shell, piece of jewelry, or a crystal for extra power. Clear quartz is a good choice because it is powerful and works with just about any spell, although you’ll need to cleanse it ritually after you stop using it to get money or want to use it to get something else.

Key of Success Gold Talisman for good luck and success
Key of Success Gold Talisman for good luck and success

After collecting and gathering your spell supplies, the next step will be to burn the incense, and mix the herbs in symbolic container such as a chalice. Sprinkle some herbs over the candle and light it.

Focus your attention on the candle flame, relaxing your eyes and drifting into a mode of meditation. Meditate on the reasons you need the money or prosperity. Bear in mind that you should choose a quiet and tranquil room to achieve maximum concentration without disturbance.

When you feel that you’ve meditated enough, add a couple more minutes and deepen your trance with chants like “She transforms everything she lays her hands on, everything she lays hands on changes.”

Once you feel well focused, trace your currency symbol in the atmosphere, for example, the dollar sign. For this, you can use your finger, a wand, or athame.

Your scene is ready!

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Blessed Be!

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