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Wiccans – Their Beliefs And Clothing

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A profound question that many ask seems to be, what is a wiccan? The wiccan religion was developed from the ancient pagan beliefs like the worship of the mother goddess or horned god. Practicing wicca does not mean the person is anti-Christ or against any other types of religions. Wiccan gods and goddesses are not super beings they are deities, or those who are embodied by nature.

Wondering how to become a wiccan? The wiccans follow a type of creed known as the wiccan rede, that reads “If you harm none, do what you will.” Simplified this means as long as you do no harm to others than live your life as you choose.

Wiccans rituals are mainly performed outside where they can have a stronger connection with nature. Wiccans also use circles made of candles to create a space for healing energy, altars are placed at the northern candle. Wiccan books can give one a better idea of the religion, there are many introductory books for those interested in learning more.

Wiccan clothing can be anything from normal wear to pagan designs and fairy skirts, depending on how one chooses to show their personalities. Some people who were raised within the wiccan religion prefer to wear long and natural fabrics instead of furs and leather since animals and people may have been hurt in the process. Many believe if pain was caused during the manufacturing of an article of clothing then that negative energy will stay within the item and can cause them harm.

The best way to avoid these negative and possibly harmful energies is to only use natural plant based fibers such as cotton and linen. Clothing worn by wiccans is usually loose-fitting in order to keep the flow of energy and circulation of blood. The main point of choosing loose gowns, hooded robes, and skirts is to provide ease of movement.

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Wiccans tend to spend a lot of time in the outdoors connecting with nature whether to garden, pick flowers, or appreciate nature so they need to be protected from the weather, whatever it may be like. All in all, wiccans choose their clothing more for practicality and protection rather than fashion.

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