Wiccan Quotes

Wiccan Quotes

The Wiccan religion is one of the most popular, even among those who claim to be ‘Only Spiritual’. It is attractive for many reasons. One is that Wiccans are not like Satan Worshippers, who have rituals requiring the bloodshed of innocents. It is peaceful. It is very interesting as well.

Wiccans have many quotes they use to ‘guide’ them in their daily aspirations. There is a great one that really displays why this religion is so popular. It’s because of the sentiment behind it. It goes something like this – (All quotes within this article are paraphrased and not verbatim) – “Non-violence is the most powerful weapon within the arsenal of mankind. It is more powerful than any weapon of mass destruction that man’s ingenuity has ever devised.”

Coming Out:

Wicca is coming out of the closet and is more mainstream today than ever before. There is a growing number of teenage girls who are actively practicing Wicca daily. It is commonplace today to drive down to the local mall and see bumper-stickers on cars that say “The goddess is alive! Magic is afoot!” You also see many instances of Wicca while watching your favorite TV shows, like ‘The Craft’ or ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’. Even the older generation had ‘Bewitched’ as a favorite program.

There is a central rule that all Wiccans live by, known as ‘The Rede’. It goes like this – “Harm no-one, do what you will”. That means a witch can do whatever they want providing they avoid harming other people. It’s right in line with ‘Live and Let Live”.

For those who are new to this whole area of religion, I don’t want you to think that Wiccan Quotes is all there is to it. There is just a lot of their sentiment and philosophy to be gleaned from their quotes. Along with the quotes, there are also wiccan spells, a wiccan alphabet, wiccan runes, wiccan books, wiccan alters, wiccan holidays and sabbats, wiccan supplies, wiccan clothing, and a lot more. It covers a lot of ground in the areas of life that we all deal with every day, and is much more than just a philosophy or creed.

Wiccans don’t have a religious book like the Christian Bible. They draw inspiration for their journey from their wiccan quotes and observations of life. They share their experiences and knowledge of casting spells, performing rituals, and using nature and natural forces to control how their life goes. This ‘control’ is another part of what makes the religion so attractive to so many. Loads of people today feel helpless and like they have no control over their lives. They turn to Wicca as a way of taking control.

There are many articles and support vehicles available online for anyone who is interested in furthering their knowledge about Wiccan quotes and how this religion really works.

Blessed Be!

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