Wiccan Religion

An Introduction To Wiccan Religion

4635469182_758f8af245_zWicca is considered as a religion because it was derived from Paganism. It uses similar belief system, symbolism, Gods and Goddesses. Wiccans work from a book known as the Book of Shadows. This is a place where an individual writes their spells, makes observation and keeps notes. Wicca is taken as a peaceful and gentle way of life encouraging respect. Therefore manipulative, selfish or sinister motives are frowned upon.

The Wiccan religion was started in 1954 by Gerald Gardner, an individual who had a background in the occult. Wicca is a another name for witchcraft. Wiccans have distanced themselves from Christianity because they see it as a male dominated religion that lacks balance. The name ”Wicca” was chosen to distance the religion from any association that witchcraft has with human sacrifice, satanism as well as consorting with demons

The Wiccan religion has the following beliefs:

> ”Harm none” is a tenet of Wicca ,the belief is that it is wrong to do harm to others. The belief prohibits the sacrifice of animals and humans, casting malicious spells and a variety of things that other religions do not have any moral objection to.

> Another belief is the “Law of Three” which says that anything that is sent out into the world will return multiplied by three. Wiccans are therefore generous with positive things and hesitant in doing any harm to others.

> The religion of Wicca does not worship Satan and do not even believe in the existence of satan. Wiccans believe that in the universe the supernatural forces are neutral and people can choose to use them for either good or evil.

>Another belief of Wicca is religious freedom because of the persecution that nature worshipers have been facing over the years than any fundamental religious belief. The religious freedom prevents Wiccas from evangelizing, even though they are eager to share the Wiccan religion with people who may be interested in it.

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