How to become a wiccan

How To Become A Wiccan – The Basic Overview

How to Become a Witch
How to Become a Witch

Becoming a Wiccan isn’t going to be easy, by any stretch of the imagination. If you aren’t serious about it, you may as well stop now, because you’ll just be wasting time. This article will cove how to become a Wiccan.

There are 3 basic phases to becoming a Wiccan and each are important in the process. The following is an outline of the phases:

Phase 1 – Learn the Craft

Saying you’re a Wiccan and being a Wiccan are two different things. Before you can be Wiccan you must:

• Learn and understand Wiccan beliefs and tenets. Learn and live the Wiccan creed (or Rede), understand and apply the threefold law are just a few of the necessities for practicing Wicca.

• Learn Wiccan ceremonies and rituals. These will vary depending on which branch of Wicca you have chosen.

• Be able to explain what Wicca is not, e.g., devil worship, anti-Jew, anti-Christian, etc.

Phase 2 – Find Your Goddess and Gods

• There are more than 200 Wiccan deities. You job is to find yours, or more correctly, recognize when it has found you. This will require many hours of study.

• Start a diary to document your journey. This diary will eventually become your Book of Shadows.

Book of Shadows
Book of Shadows

Learn how to use magic. Learn safe with magic. There can be consequences associated with using magic for the wrong purposes. Learn to meditate and visualize. These exercises will help improve your concentration and the practice of magic. Make sure your meditation will be uninterrupted.

• Begin using the threefold law in your life. This law is a major tenet of Wicca and is the knowledge that all you do will come back to you – only multiplied by a factor of three. Remember – good or bad, right or wrong, it will be returned to you somehow, someway.

• Find and connect with others of similar belief.

• Perform your dedication ceremony. This will vary depending on your path, but opening a circle and closing the circle to signify your entrance are common to most, as is you statement of allegiance to Wicca.

• Take your oath. The oath of secrecy is considered a vital part of becoming Wiccan. There must be trust among your peers and the rituals and mysteries associated with Wicca are to be protected.

• Join a coven. Most covens require that you have studied the craft for a minimum of 366 consecutive days before you can join. This indicates you are serious and is the minimum time necessary to acquire adequate knowledge of Wicca Like most other religions, there is no requirement to join, but most Wiccans do.

Phase 3 – Live Wiccan

Live the laws, meditate every day, continue to develop your diary, observe the Wiccan holidays and join with other Wiccans.

That is the condensed version of how to become a Wiccan. You’re in for an amazing adventure – good luck! And remember, to make your spell casting even easier, check out the Simple Spell Casting E-Kit, so you can use this knowledge to change your life with Magick and cast spells that magically work every time you try them!

Blessed Be!

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  1. I would really like some guidance on my path of self discovery. I have always been drawn to the Wiccan religion. I just never knew where to start. It may sound silly but truly I feel like this has been calling to me for some time now. I want to know why. Thank you for your time.

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