What is a Wiccan?

What Is Wiccan?

In today’s society the fascination with all things supernatural has become a fad among teenagers and young-adults. Movies about witchcraft, covens, Wiccans, and other magical beings have caused the practice of magic to be clumped into the generic term, paganism. So what is a wiccan? The truth is that Wiccan is very different from traditional witchcraft. Wiccan, witchcraft and paganism are not interchangeable terms. If you want to be Wiccan your first journey is to understand: What is wiccan?


Paganism is a broad term used to describe any tradition that is practice that does not conform to the Christian, Islamic, or Jewish religions. More so today it is used to describe any group of people that believe in more than one guide. It is however still a broad term that can only loosely represent what a Wiccan is.


Witchcraft can be traced back to the beginning of man. It is easily traced back to the Middle Ages because of all the information that is written by Priests and what they thought the practice of witchcraft meant. The practice of witchcraft can involve the use of magic; honoring of gods, spirits, and Ancestors.


Wiccan on the other hand can be traced back to 1954 when Gerald Gardner gave birth to Gardnerianism, which later normalized to Wicca. Other forms of Wicca include Alexandrian, Algard, or British Traditonal, but these are considered derived branches of the former. In short, Wiccan combines ceremonial practices with traditional witchcraft.

The Rede

Unlike witchcraft, Wiccans live by a simple principal, “An Ye Harm None Do What Ye Will” loosely translated it states that as a Wiccan you can practice magic but not to harm someone in the process. Most Wiccans live by the principal that you should treat people how you want to be treated. Wiccan is a peaceful and harmonious practice. Although these eight words sum of the Rede there is a full version of the Rede that Wiccans follow.

Threefold Law

The Threefold Law is really quite simple. Many people already believe in the Threefold Law but usually dub it as Karma. It means that anything you do whether good or bad will return to you three times over in life.

Gods and goddesses

There are many Celtic deities but Wiccans generally focus on duotheism: goddess and god. The Triple Goddess (the maiden, mother and the crone) symbolizes a different stage in the female life cycle and is associated with the moon, the earth and the stars. The Horned God is associated with the sun, animals, and the forests.

The Afterlife

For the most part most Wiccans believe in reincarnation. This is the traditional belief. Wiccans that accept this, believe that humans reincarnate as another human many time so that they lean lessons and at the same time advance their spirituality. The soul is thought to rest between lives in the otherworld and summerland or ecstasy of the goddess. When in the otherworld spirits can be contacted through mediums or Ouija boards.


Wiccans generally believe that magic is a manipulation of nature that science has yet to understand unlike most magicians. Magicians usually consider magic in scientific terms. Other Wiccans believe that magic is the result of using all five of the senses fully to achieve results.

If you are learning about Wicca there are many other aspects that make Wicca different from any other form of paganism including the use of the five elements, practices, and traditions.

Blessed Be!

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