Wiccan Alphabet

The Wiccan Alphabet: A Lovely Form Of Communication

The Wiccan alphabet is made up of 24 symbols. It is used for communications, in spells and letters. The alphabet is quite beautiful when written. Esthetically, it looks very elegant.

To understand the Wiccan alphabet, a good understanding of the Wiccan religion helps. Wiccan is one of the oldest forms of religion known. Cave drawings are dated back long before Christianity. Scotland, Ireland and Wales have some gorgeous examples of early Wiccan drawings. The ceremonies are based on nature, communication and being in harmony. Wicca is not witchcraft. This falsehood was started by the church around the 15th century. No one who practices Wicca wishes to do anyone harm. The faith focuses on peaceful resolutions to the problems of today. The faith is not subversive in anyway. Wiccan books, symbols and drawing are often nature based.

The Wiccan alphabet with its 24 symbols is quite easy to figure out. U and V make up one symbol. I and J represent the other one. The easiest way to figure this out is write the traditional English one beside it. Time and care was taken into the design of each character. The Wiccan alphabet uses symbols to end a sentence. Punctuation is also done with symbols. When a Wiccan book or Wiccan letter written, it is quite beautiful. Someone who has a talent for calligraphy would enjoy writing out a Wiccan note.

The development of the Wiccan alphabet came out of dire necessity. When the church began persecuting witches, they wrongly accused Wiccans. Many innocent people were killed due to ignorance. The church had no tolerance for anything that did not abide their rules. By the time all was said and done, witch trials brought death to thousands. The only way to communicate was come up with their own letters. The Wiccan alphabet was born. It saved many for certain. When the letters and symbols are written, it would look like a drawing to the untrained eye. To another Wiccan, this note could mean a route to safety. The alphabet is often carved on Wiccan altars, goblets, and amulets. For being made of necessity, this lovely art form has been born.

The Wiccan alphabet’s earliest writings are around the 15th century. These books, letters and correspondence pieces are treasured. They show the thought and dignity that was put in the development of the alphabet. The Theban alphabet is the closet one to the Wiccan alphabet. The Theban alphabet also uses symbols and signs instead of punctuation. The earliest documents saved from the Thebans is around 1531. You can see how this and the Wiccan alphabet mirrors each other.

Candles and keepsakes used in blessing ceremonies are also adorned with the Wiccan alphabet. You will know the dedication and love put into this form of communication.

Blessed Be!

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