Wiccan Gods And Goddesses

Wiccan God and Goddesses

“Who do you worship?” is a common question presented to Wiccans. This question could have as many different answers as there are members of the Wiccan religion. The answer itself is truly unique to the individual. This leaves many whom are trying to clarify their understanding of the Wiccan religion, even more confused.

While some Wiccan’s honor an all-encompassing entity referred to as ‘The God’ or ‘The Goddess”, others worship specific deities. Wiccans are free to worship any God or Goddess, not just of their own religion but others as well. Sounds a little fishy if you are on the outside looking in, but truly it is not.

The Wiccan practice revolves around the worship of The God and The Goddess. These two entities, a masculine form and feminine form, respectively, are the Divine Source. Any Gods or Goddesses individually worshipped are a face of the Divine Source, they are aspects of the Divine Source.

Let me clarify, the Divine Source is not a specific name but an idea, a concept, of the One, the source behind all of the individual Gods and Goddesses.

The One, or the Divine Source, is not offended by the worship of these different deities because it is the one source behind all of these. For example, one may be called to worship Mother Nature. The beauty of the sunrise, the soft whistle of the wind, the gentle smell of roses being carried in the breeze, are all characteristics of the glory of the Divine Source. It would be similar to someone complimenting a beautiful masterpiece you have painted. You would not feel offended, but you would be lifted up in their praise as the person is in fact complimenting you.

This is precisely how it works within the Wiccan religion, by worshipping a specific God or Goddess you are in effect worshipping the One. One must see the Divine that lives in every being AS every being. The deities are mirrors of the One.

So how do you chose which God and/or Goddess to worship? The individual will be called, or feel drawn to the deity they are meant to be worshipping. This is where the hard work comes in, for both the Wiccan and those trying to understand the Wiccan religion.

Being highly interested in a specific deity is not the same as being called to or drawn to one. For example, you may have been extremely intrigued by Athena. You may have noticed many similarities between yourself and Athena. This does not mean that Athena is calling to you.

When a deity is calling to you you will receive a series of messages indicating the God or Goddess, not one isolated incident. This may happen through a vision or a dream where you are approached by a human figure that just has something different about them. You will most likely know it is a deity but sometimes they can be a little more subtle. Chances are that they will not give you their full story and you will be left to do some research on your own to discover who this specific deity was based on appearance and characteristics.

Along with this vision, it is likely you will see symbols of this God or Goddess in your daily life. If something slightly off is appearing repeatedly in your life, pay attention. With a distinct pattern you may be able to find out who is attempting to catch your attention. Raising magical energy may make you more aware of these messages as well as keeping an open mind to the God or Goddess reaching out to you.

Blessed Be!

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