Wiccan Prayers

Wiccan Prayers

Owl Prayer Parchment Poster
Owl Prayer Parchment Poster – Click on the Picture to Purchase

For Wiccans, magic is a way to bring about change for the good. Wiccans use the movement of energies of nature to help turn negativity into positivity and make positive changes. Using prayer is one way to use these natural energies and put wishes for change-whether it be protection, love, health- out into the world.

Prayers and rituals are one way a Wiccan practitioner can help the mind receive the natural energies that emerge while doing magic.

Prayers do not have to be simple to be effective. A simple morning prayer can provide a feeling of safety, of inspiration, or whatever one needs to begin the day:

Air to inspire

Fire to bring desire

Water as my healer,

Earth as my church.

I call upon you

To bless this day anew.

So mote it be.

Wolf Prayer Poster
Wolf Prayer Poster – Click on the Picture to purchase

At the end of a day, a bedtime or evening prayer can provide the practitioner with a feeling of peace or solace:

O Goddess of grace,

O God of grace,

I am now entering the dream world.

Weave now, if it be your will, a net of protective light around me.

Guard both my spirit and my sleeping body.

Keep watch and protect me

Until the sun rises once again.

O Gracious Goddess,

O Gracious God,

Abide with me during the night.

Blessed be.

Earth Invocation Prayer Poster
Earth Invocation Prayer Poster – Click on the Picture to Purchase

Prayers may be used to pray to deities on a regular basis, but they can also be used for specific purposes or to recognize special times of the year or to celebrate special occasions. Many Wiccans have a special Full Moon Prayer, or a prayer to mark each solstice. There are many other specific prayers for protection, love, to help a spirit cross over, self-healing or healing for another.

A prayer is also a way to concentrate on sending energy outward. For example, this Full Moon Prayer helps the practitioner send energy outward. A circle can be cast and the practitioner should look up at the full moon as they a prayer to the moon.

When this lunar energy has been attracted, as with energy attracted from any prayer, there are various ways it can be used. The direction may be released into the air once the circle is undone. The practitioner can also use the energy to perform spells or to ask a boon of the Goddess, who may use the energy given for the purpose stated by the petitioner. Sometimes the Wiccan can use this energy to assist them in meditation.

There are many websites, books, and groups for Wiccans who are new to prayers and who would like to learn; as new Wiccans develop and learn to trust their own intuition and the natural energies around them, they learn their own prayers which they may want to pass on and share with other members of their community. A prayer is not a guarantee of getting what one asks for; it is a way to focus the intent and tap into the natural energies around them.

Lastly, I invite you to watch this video on using the power of the mind to transform your life in ways you never thought possible!


Blessed Be!

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