Wiccan Runes

Wiccan Runes

Runes Bracelet Gold Ancient Nordic magic symbols of Magic and mystery
Runes Bracelet Gold Ancient Nordic magic symbols of Magic and mystery

Rune means Tree. Symbolically tree trunks represent who we are, branches represent where we come from, and the roots where we are going. Each rune has a divinatory meaning, magical uses, associated myths, and associated deities. The properties of the trees are: knowledge, healing, life force, spiritual guidance, and personage.

Reading the runes represents the voice of the oracle. The oracle will not tell your future but provide you with insight into what is happening within. Answers to your problems, concerns, or situations are derived from your subconscious.

Runes should be made from a natural substance except from a tree. It is a bit of an oxymoron to make runes from a tree. Good materials include stones, semi-precious gems, and fired clay. Most stores will sale mixed stones and clear quartz runes.

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Each of the 25 runes are placed in a bag to be drawn out one by one and placed from right to the left. There are three kinds of consultations: the consultation of Odin, The Three Runes, and the Runic cross.

The consultation of Odin is good for urgent situations. You only pick one rune during this type of consultation.

During the consultation of the three runes the first rune represents your present situation, the second one is the attitude to be taken, and the last shows the consequences from your attitude.

The Practical Guide to Using Ancient Runes for Modern Divination
The Practical Guide to Using Ancient Runes for Modern Divination

The consultation Runic Cross is used when you are facing a difficult situation. It helps you understand the situation and help you with answers to get through it. When the runes are drawn they are placed in the formation of a cross.

The Runes position during the consultation of the runic cross:

1. Your past

2. Your present

3. Your future

4. Heart of your problem

5. The challenges you face

6. Result

Runeband Nordic Runes Recite the Mantra, 'Poetry Is in Battle'
Runeband Nordic Runes Recite the Mantra, ‘Poetry Is in Battle’

Below is a quick reference of runes divinatory meaning, however as stated each rune also has magical uses, associated myths and deity.

Fehu – increase in wealth and possession.

Uruz – create change, healing, or strength.

Thurisaz – begin a new project.

Ansuz – communication and clarity.

Raidho – safe travel.

Kenaz – artistic pursuits.

Gebo – gifts, partnerships, and sex.

Wunjo – joy, happiness, and love.

Hagalaz – sudden loss and destruction.

Nauthiz – poverty, hardship, and responsibility.

Isa – patience withdrawal and rest.

Jera – change, reward, and motion.

Eihwaz – confrontation of fears.

Pertho – mystery, magic, and divination.

Algiz – protection, defense, and warning.

Sowlio – positive energy, increase, and power.

Tiwaz – duty, discipline, and responsibility.

Berkano – fertility, new beginnings, and growth.

Ehwaz – transportation, assistance and communication.

Mannaz – self, family, and community.

Laguz – unconscious mind, things hidden, and revelation.

Ingwaz – work and productivity.

Dagaz – happiness and a fulfilling lifestyle.

Othala – land and inheritance.

The plain rune – is also known as Odins Rune or Wyrd. Historically there is not a 25th rune it was used by Ralph Blum during his novice days. He has stated he made things up as he went along.

To learn more download a copy of my book “The Practical Guide to Using Ancient Runes for Modern Divination” and take your magickal rituals to the next level!

Blessed Be!

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  1. I want to gather power from local ancestors. And I’ve always been attracted to runes, is there a rune combination or any runic way to do this?

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