Wiccan Love Spells

Wiccan Love Spells that Work

What is the Wiccan way to cast a love spells that work? Remember that Wiccan magic is always for the good, and a Wiccan casts only magic spells that are white. This means that Wiccan spells for love should never be used to compel anyone; not only is it not white magic, it is bound to end badly. In Wicca, the three-fold law, or universal spiritual principle, which holds that the energy a person puts out in a spell, whether negative or positive, will return to that person three-fold.

Entangled Pendant Gold Designed as a sacred geometry symbol of unity
Entangled Pendant Gold Designed as a sacred geometry symbol of unity

The best way to use a Wiccan spell for love is to make sure you cast a spell with no particular person in mind. This will attract a person’s love to you only if their free will allows it. The spell will send the energy of love to the person you should be with. This person will sense this energy in a subconscious way and, if they will it, your call will be answered.

There are several simple Wiccan spells that work and that you can try to bring this love to you. One Wiccan spell should be done a week after the new moon. The ingredients consist of a white candle, three yellow candles, red rose petals, and a glass of mint tea.

Cast a circle and place the yellow candles to make a triangle before you; put the white candle in the center. The rose petals should be spread so they surround you. Start by reciting this incantation:

“I invoke thee, Aphrodite, goddess of love,

I invoke thee, Aphrodite, goddess of love, so I can seek my soulmate,

I invoke thee, Aphrodite, in order to banish my loneliness,

So may it be.”

After drinking the mint tea, snuff out the candles one by one; start with the white candle. Gather the rose petals, dry them for a week (you can put them between aluminum foil sheets), then toss them into running water such as a river or stream.

I Am Beloved's Pendant Gold A great symbol of love
I Am Beloved’s Pendant Gold A great symbol of love

Another ritual to add to your Wiccan book of spells is Finding the Path of Love. Collect five roses and travel a distance from your residence. The more distance you go, the wider the net you will cast. Drop one rose and let it rest on the ground while reciting, “This is my path of love. Let my true love find me.” Keep doing this with each of the four roses left; make sure the last rose is dropped upon your doorstep.

Creating a love spell box is a more long-term ritual of seeking out a lover. Using your heart’s voice, decorate the box in a way that is pleasing to you. Find objects that symbolize a relationship and love. These could be any objects, but many Wiccans use things like love poems, dried flowers, hearts made of different materials, from paper to wood to stone, or photos of couples who are happy. Nine is an auspicious number of objects for the love box to contain. Do not hurry this process; it is important that you take time and effort to find them.

After you have all the objects, put them on your altar. You will need a black and red candle to light. Take each object, one by one, and visualize powerful emotions of love, infuse each item with this love and energy to attract your loved one. After you have done this, place each object into the box. Store the box in a magical area (for example, your altar). From time to time, you may want to refresh the items with your love energy.

These are just a few types of Wiccan love spells you may use in your quest for love. For additional power, you may want to write these spells down in your personal spell book. Remember that you will have to make a conscious attempt to be open to love for the love spell to be successful; a heart that is closed to love will revoke any spell you attempt.

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