Wiccan Protection Spells

Wiccan Protection Spells

Sometimes even Wiccans feel the need for a little extra protection. This may be protection for your family or home or in some cases, protection for yourself to remove negative influences or even if you do not feel anything particularly threatening is going on. Trust your instincts. In any case, it never hurts to have a little extra magical protection.

To eliminate negative influences in your life, a simple Wiccan “Lock and Block” spell is a good choice. You need a box that can be locked; this could be a jewelry box or any box with a lock on it. Four pieces of black glass-these can be in the form of marbles or beads as long as they are real glass-paper and pen, and a spray of pine needles are the remaining items needed.

On the paper, write your name and then fold it. Place the paper, glass, and pine needles in the box, lock it, and store it in a secure place. If the lock has a key, keep it somewhere safe also. This charm is designed for personal protection; however, it can be used for friends or family-just write their name on the paper instead.

Magic Square Ring Silver An ancient Jewish symbol of healing and protection
Magic Square Ring Silver
An ancient Jewish symbol of healing and protection

Another spell which can be used for general protection as well as protection from psychic attacks is a protection bag. This can be made from a small purple or black cloth bag. You will need four black candles and a small amount (about a tablespoon each) of horehound, sandalwood, anise, agrimony and rue. Onyx, jet, and hematite are good for protection; you will need a piece of each.

Place the four candles in a square. In the center of the square, place all the components of the charm bag. Light the candle and focus on their flames, envisioning it flowing into and filing the stones and herbs. Chant these lines: “By the light of four/Harm me no more.” Repeat these lines while you charge the items; when you feel they have been charged, collect them and fill the bag, then close it tightly and place it back into the square. Again, visualize and repeat the chant. Listen to your intuition; when you feel the bag is charged, extinguish the candles. Carry the bag with you or give it to the person you wish to be protected.

To make sure those in your home are protected, a simple Wiccan spell, or working, can be done by creating a Protection Oil, which can be daubed on those you wish to protect. To make the oil, add 3 drops of lavender, 4 drops of patchouli, and one drop of mugwort and one of hyssop to 1/8 cup of a base oil. Label it and keep it in a cool, dark area of your home.

To protect your home, you will need the following items: an image of a goddess, a censer, a round mirror (about twelve inches), nine white candles, and incense such as frankincense or rosemary. In the center of our altar, place the censer in front of the goddess image and put the mirror there. Place the candles in a circle around the altar and burn the incense in the censer. Starting with the candle in front of the goddess image, light it and chant the following:

Lunar light protect me!

Great Goddess of the Lunar Light

and Mistress of the Seas;

Great Goddess of the Mystic Night

and of the Mysteries;

Within this place of candles bright

and with Your mirror nigh;

Protect me with Your awesome might

while ill vibrations fly!

Repeat this as you light each candle. Take the mirror and hold it in front of the candles to reflect the flames. Moving clockwise around the altar, ask the Goddess for protection. Increase your speed and see the light splintering the air, cleansing it of negativity. Let the protective light charge your home. Continue moving around the altar until you sense your home is cleansed and guarded by the Goddess. Make sure to thank the Goddess-stand in front of her image and give thanks. Extinguish the candles and tie them in a bundle with a white cord, then put them in a secure place; you can use them again for the same ritual if you need them.

As a Wiccan, continue to research and write spells for more specific purposes; as your magical knowledge increases, you will be able to use a variety of protection spells to ensure you and your loved ones are safe and secure.

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Blessed Be!

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