Wiccan Spells for Beginners

Wiccan Spells For Beginners

You do not need to be a Wiccan to practice witchcraft. Plenty of people have a genuine interest in spells and do not practice Wicca. If you are new to Wiccan spells a beginner spell is a good way to start understanding how spells work. There are plenty of easy spells that you can do to get started. These spells are great because they do not involve a lot of materials and can be performed without a lot of planning. Most easy or beginners spells only require a candle, matches, oils, herbs, and your mind (focus, concentration, and belief).

What is a spell?

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If you are going to start casting spell you must understand what a spell is exactly. A spell is also known as a charm, incantation, or a hex. Many people think of a spell as a prayer that causes a change in a situation. Popular spells bring a change in love, money and health or well-being.

Keep these general guidelines in mind when performing spells as a beginner:

• Take your spell seriously or it will not work.

• Stay focus. Your focus is the energy behind the spell.

• Concentrate on the spell. Your level of concentration will help give the magick power so it will work.

• The ingredients you add to a spell will give it power also. The more ingredients a spell has the more strength it will have.

• Practice your meditation and visualization skills; this will help your concentration and focus which in turn will give the spell magick power.

• A spell cannot fix a bad habit or a bad choice.

• Spells can be performed by and individual or a coven. Decide if you want to practice by yourself or find a coven.

Now let’s take a look at a few easy spells that have been known throughout history.

Cleanse Your Home

Smudge Turkey Feather
Smudge Turkey Feather great for smudging rituals! – Click on Pic to Purchase

For century people have burned sage to cleanse their home or clear the air. Many people do not even realize this practice as a Wiccan ritual called smudging. To perform this ritual you will need a sage smudge stick that you can easily make. You will need fresh sage, sage flowers, and twine or string. Gather bunches of sage and sage flowers and tie them together. Lay the bunches to dry for several weeks. It is beneficial to make several bundles so you have them on hand. To do the ritual you will need a dried sage bunch, a dish, and matches. Open every door and window in your home. If you have ceiling fans or any type of fan turn them on to circulate the air. You want to light the bush until it has a nice small fire going and then blow it out. You can walk around the house with the smoking bush. Many people say a prayer. Once complete you want to start at your feet and bring the sage bush up our body visualizing that all the negativity is gone.

Love spell

If you have someone in mind that you want to give a little nudge in your direction this spell helps to put you on their mind all day. Sometimes that’s all it takes for love to blossom.


2 white candles

A wide mouth, short jar, glass cup or a piece of clear glass

Red marker

2 pieces of red yarn or string

Rose oil


Rub or anoint the candle with the rose oil, then tie a bow around them with the yarn or string. Use the marker to draw an eye and for the pupil draw a heart. Do this on both sides of the glass. Make sure they are on top of each other. Place the two anointed candles on candle holders a few inches apart. Prop the glass between the two candles then light the candles.

I Am Beloved's Ring Gold A great symbol of love to bring divine love into your life
I Am Beloved’s Ring Gold A great symbol of love to bring divine love into your life

Visualize your intended love and focus on them. You can say his name a few times. Look through the eyes on the glass up into the flame. Finally let the candles burn out on their own.

Note: A clear glass plate or clear glass candle holder may work also.

To learn more about magick spells, check out my book The Wiccan Spells Book and take your magickal journey to the next level! And remember, to make your spell casting even easier, check out the Simple Spell Casting E-Kit, so you can use this knowledge to change your life with Magick and cast spells that magically work every time you try them!

Blessed Be!

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