Wiccan Symbols

Wiccan Symbols

Alchemy Symbol / Vector Equilibrium Pendant Silver
Alchemy Symbol / Vector Equilibrium Pendant Silver

The most basic definition of a Wiccan symbol is anything that represents Wicca or Witchcraft. This can, and does, end up including virtually hundreds of different items that symbolize Wicca.

Wicca symbols can be categorized into four basic groups; items used in Wiccan practice, items historically associated with wiccans, symbols adopted by witches, and symbols of Goddesses and Gods. Sounds like anything something may think ‘looks wiccan’ is by technical means a Wiccan symbol. In a way, this is true.

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Wicca Stability Pentacle Pendant Necklac

The most common, and most well-known, of these symbols is the Pentacle. You may not know it by name, but surely you have seen it at least once in your lifetime. The Pentacle is a star enclosed in a circle. Other than sometimes being mistaken for a satanic icon, the pentacle is never confused with the thought of belonging to any other religion. The five pointed star is drawn with one steady, unbroken line and represents the four elements as well as the spirit. The circle represent infinity as is commonly understood by the fact that circles never end.

An inverted pentacle is most commonly associated with Satanism, but rest assured, this is not what it represents. The inverted pentacle is the representation of releasing, or giving back, to the earth. In some Wiccan traditions, the inverted pentacle is also worn as a status symbol representing a witch whom has taken a 2nd degree initiation.

There are other basic items that are very important to wiccans, as well as items which are so commonly used by a witch that they have in turn became symbols of the wiccan religion themselves. Some of these items are things such as the cauldron and the wand. Given that these are the primary tools that witches use, virtually every witch owns one.

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The broom. There are not many images of the witch that resonate as deeply as the broom. Although, until it was mentioned was surely the furthest from your mind. Now, it is speculated that in ancient practice witches did cast a spell where they were able to fly by means of a hallucinogenic ointment, which when used, created a flight of the mind. There is also speculation that this was more of a heightened sexual experience.

In reality, and what is proven, is that brooms are traditionally used by witches and wiccans for clearing energy and brushing away negative influences in a sacred place. Again, becoming a common tool for the majority of wiccans to possess and hence labeling them a symbol of the religion.

There literally are hundreds of different Wiccan symbols. Some or more commonly known to the outsider, some even becoming symbols because of outsiders interpretations. Others are more linked to the individual, holding an importance that only they truly understand. The pentacle, the cauldron, and the broom are surely the most worldwide recognized of the Wiccan symbols.

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