Wiccan Names

Wiccan Names

Some people jump right in and choose a name for themselves while others take the advice of some well versed Wiccans and wait for self discovery before choosing a name, while others are adamant that you don’t need one at all. There are some very legitimate reasons for waiting a while and learning about Wicca before choosing your Wiccan name.

What is the purpose of a Wiccan name?

Contrary to popular belief Wiccan names are not derived from a time when people that practiced witchcraft were persecuted and forced to practice in secret. Back then people that practiced were hanged or burned at the stake. In fact, it is not an unusual practice to adopt a new name when joining a new religion or changing status; for instance during a Bar Mitzvah a boy will take on a Hebrew name or when Buddhists take on a Dharma name.

How many names should you choose?

Traditionally your Wiccan name would be something that was revealed within an oath bound coven setting. During those times secrecy was important to protect the people of the coven and their families. In modern times if you were found out you might lose your job and considered an outcast by the neighbors.

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Some people keep their name; some add a name to their given name, while others adopt an entirely new name. Some choose two they keep their name to use at work or school and then have another name that they use with their coven. Another widely accepted practice if for someone to keep three names: one they use outside the coven, a nickname they use in the coven, and then their secret Wiccan name that is never spoken outside the circle.

General guidelines

There are some general guidelines to help you choose the right Wiccan name for you.

• Refrain from using Lord or Lady. Titles are normally reserved for those that have earned it or are considered an elder in their coven.

• Make sure you think long term and not just for the moment. Names that are centered on you latest fad may become silly in a year or two.

• If you choose a name that has some meaning to you, you are more likely to want to keep it. Whether you choose a name that is based on folklore, mythology, or an animal; choose something that signifies your personality.

• Pay attention to your dreams and visions. Many names are gifts from the fods and goddesses.

Using numerology to pick your name

Some people use numerology to choose their name. In numerology you find your birth number and use a code to choose your birth name. To find your birth number you will need to add the digits of your birth date. Then take the two numbers you come up with and add those two digits together. Use the grid to find the letters that correspond with the numbers.

Example: If your birthday is October 31, 1984.

1. Add 1+3+1+1+9+8+4=27

2. 2+7=9

3. The birth number is 9. According to the chart the name should incorporate the letters I and R in some way. If the name the name chosen does not incorporate I or R the person can try using a unique spelling of the name they choose.

4. Some good examples would be the names Ivory, Irene, Irony, Riory, Rosie, or Rossi.

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